Birth Stories

Birth is by far the most amazing human feat. The intensity, suspense, strength and overwhelming joy deserves to be captured.  No matter your birth plan or family dynamic, all births are beautiful. Consider me a fly on the wall for one of the greatest days of your life.

Would you prefer to meet me and discuss birth photography before actually hiring me?  No problem!  Give me a shout and we'll set up a time to meet.


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What made you want to become a birth photographer?

When my daughter was born I made the last minute decision to hire a birth photographer. I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was getting myself into and had already committed to maternity and newborn photos, so it was really a leap of faith - and investment.  Once I saw my photos I realized it was the best decision I had ever made.  There were so many moments that I didn’t remember or wasn’t able to see that the birth photographer captured - my mom sobbing with excitement, my daughter’s first bath, the newborn exam. I did some serious work the day my daughter was born and I’m glad there are photos to show it! They are by far my favorite pictures ever. How could I NOT want to photograph births?!

Will I meet you before I go into labor?

Of course!  I make every effort to meet with you before you go into labor.  It just makes it a little less awkward ;-).  At this time we’ll go over more details, answer all questions and discuss our plan for the special day.  I’m also more than happy to meet with you before you hire me to decide if I’m the right photographer for you.

Will you take photos of everything?

The photos will be as detailed or minimal as you would like.  We’ll come up with a plan that you’re comfortable with, so please do not worry! 

Do you edit each photo?

Absolutely. I don’t do drastic Photoshop edits, but I do edit the photos to my artistic style.  Please do not expect for me to make you look like a different person.  I can remove zits, but I don’t do nose jobs ;-). 

What if you’re not able to make it to the birth for some reason?

If I’m not able to make it for any reason (sickness, crazy Texas weather, family emergency) then I am confident that I can find a back-up photographer to step in.  I will do everything in my power to make sure someone is there for you.  If for some reason no one is able to make it, you will receive a full refund.

What if the baby comes super, extra quick and you miss the birth by a hair?

If the baby decides to shoot out like a torpedo, then that is very much a part of baby’s story. I’ll most likely be very close by and will still come to shoot the tender moments following birth and likely stay for extra time.

Do I need to get approval from my medical provider before hiring you?

Yes.  Different providers/facilities have different rules. It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure a professional photographer is allowed before hiring me.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes.  Contact me and we’ll come up with something that works for you.  

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